3 Zone Smart Bed

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A Magic Sleeper's Design! With new Technology implemented into this mattress, we have come up with a design that is made for anybody and every sleeping style. This mattress is the most versatile and customizable bed we made in-house here in Pottstown PA. This mattress is a three-zone air bed. This means that you have the ability to change the firmness and softness of each side of the mattress in three specific locations. (Shoulders, Back, & Hips). This allows you to adjust the support of the mattress based on how you prefer to sleep and what feels best on your pressure points.

The best part is that we have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing which means we know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to quality. We give you a variety of Top Quality foams to choose from. Whether it's 4 LB Gel Memory Foam, 2.5 Density Poly Foam, or Natural Talalay Latex, we offer a large variety of different feels without having to give up quality and longer life on your mattress. No matter the foam you prefer, we offer a 25-year non-pro-rated warranty and one free comfort exchange on the foam if you prefer a different feel. The majority of the foams that are in name-brand mattresses are 1.8 density or less. In simple terms, the lower the density, the more air pockets are in the foam. The air pockets are what tend to collapse over the years and that's how body impressions are formed in the foams. So the higher the density, the longer life you will get out of your foam! 

3-Zone Air Chambers - Medical Grade 3-Zone air chambers that allow you to adjust the firmness or softness of three separate zones where you lay. 



  • Gel Memory Foam - 4LB. Gel Infused Memory Foam helps regulate body temperature and breathability preventing the mattress from sleeping hot. Memory helps contour to pressure points allowing a soft yet supportive feel. (25 Year Non-Prorated Warranty covers 1.5" impression on the Foam)
  • 2.5 Density Poly - Provides an overall supportive feel. Higher-density foam with fewer air pockets than regulars 1.5 or 1.8 density Poly Foam. This simply means it is going to prevent body impressions and sagging for a longer period of time. (25 Year Non-Prorated Warranty covers 1.5" impression on the Foam)
  • Latex - 100% Natural Talalay Latex Foam. Open holes allow breathability through the foam. Latex is very dense and heavy and overall very good quality foam. Allows the most support while still contouring to pressure points. Provides the feeling of laying on top of the mattress instead of inside the mattress. (25 Year Non-Prorated Warranty covers 1.5" impression on the Foam)
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