Fix-a-Dip Replacement Foam

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Replacement Foam Medium Feel 1.8 Density 35 ILD

This high quality foam is made by Carpenter and is CERTI-PUR tested.  We are very pleased with the durability of this foam.  This foam has a medium firm feel.  No sinking sensation and no firm “boardy” feeling either. It is designed to firming up your mattress and make it feel like how it felt when you bought it brand new. This will eliminate the body impressions or sagging in your mattress and bring back the supportive feel it once had. This is a good happy medium feel. It is not too soft where you feel like you are bottoming out but firm enough to support you yet still cradle your pressure points.

We carry many different types of foam. From very firm to super soft. We offer 2"& 3" Gel Memory foam here and can also get in 100% Natural Talalay Latex Foam which will be on our website soon. Feel free too call us if you have any questions or want to order something in greater detail.

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