Latex Air Bed 10"

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Side Sleepers: Slightly soften you mattress to Air Level 10-25 so its soft enough to cradle your shoulder and hips, preventing any pressure or stiffness, while still supporting you just right and keeping your spine in the correct alignment. However, you can adjust is slightly to whatever feels best for your body!

Stomach Sleepers: Recommended around 25-40 For a more supported firm feel keeping your hips in line properly with your lower back. Since your hips are where you are putting most of your pressure, you want to make sure that its support you enough where your hips are not sinking in more then they need to.

Back Sleepers: Everyone's body is unique. Test the Air Levels from 1-40 and find what feels and responds best to your body! One is the softest feel and 40 is the firmest.

Description: The 10" Latex Air Bed is a mattress with Medical Grade dual air chambers designed to adjust the firmness or softness of each side of the bed. The seals are welded shut to improve quality and prevent any air from leaking out of the chambers. It comes with a built in air pump which prevents any hoses from sticking out of your mattress making it quiet and well kept. We designed it for the sole purpose to make it as easy as possible to set up and use while still adding versatility and customizability to your mattress!

The mattress is made of two separate air chambers which can be used to firm or soften each side of the mattress. High density foam rails go around the perimeter of the chambers for side supports. Above the chambers and rails is 3" of Gel Memory foam and Latex foam. The foam is in its own zippered encasement making it easily assessable at anytime. The mattress cover is a smooth top zippered cover which is breathable and designed to wick away heat and moisture. The zippered cover makes it easy to access the whole mattress and can make it very simple if you are moving it to another room. 

The mattress comes already set up and plugged in. All you have to do is open it out of its packaging, plug it in and you are ready to go! We are proud to give this mattress a 25 Year Warranty! We support this mattress with the best quality and durable foam so you can have a better sleep for a much longer time!


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