King Sleep Number Bundle Save $100

King Sleep Number Bundle Save $100
King Sleep Number Bundle Save $100
King Sleep Number Bundle Save $100
King Sleep Number Bundle Save $100
King Sleep Number Bundle Save $100
King Sleep Number Bundle Save $100
King Sleep Number Bundle Save $100
King Sleep Number Bundle Save $100

King Sleep Number Bundle Save $100

Euro Top Shell (Height)
Complete Set of Rails (Height)
Replacement Medium Regular Foam (Height)
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Made to fit Sleep Number beds. This outer shell is complete with pillow top tailoring. Sewn slots for dual air hoses. This complete outer shell is made to fit any Sleep Number Bed that has only one zipper that goes around your mattress. If your mattress has two separate zippers that go around, you would need the Box Top Shell. This replacement cover features the same YKK zipper (5cnu) that has been used on Sleep Number beds during this time period. Not only is this shell made in the U.S.A., but all components are as well. We use only the best fabrics, foams, upholstery threads and padding. This complete shell is specifically designed to fit Sleep Number beds. We guarantee a snug fit, just like the original. Questions? Email or Call one of our experienced craftspeople who sews these covers right here on site! Note: Magic Sleeper makes after market covers for Sleep Number brand beds and we are not affiliated with Select Comfort or Sleep Number in any way.

MEASURING HEIGHT: Best Way to Measure Shell Height. There are two ways you can measure the shell height. As shown in the picture above you can measure the side of your border from top to bottom excluding the piping. Depending on the age of the mattress, sometimes it is hard to get an accurate measurement because the sides might start to impress over time. A Second way of finding out what size shell you need is to start by measuring the height of your foam side rails. You want to measure a spot where there is the least wear and tear ( normally at the head or foot). Then you want to measure any additional comfort layers you may have that sits on top. From there you would add the total height of them added together ( Foam rails + Any comfort layers on top ) And that will give you the height of the shell that you would need to order!

Complete Set Foam Rails: Comes with all four rails which replace both sides and the head + foot. 

These side rails are a higher density and have a better seating edge than the original.  These feature 2.6 density and an 85 ILD firmness!  You can’t go wrong with this level of quality.

Medium Foam:

This foam gives is a medium firmness and gives more support than your original foam.

Replacement Foam Medium Feel 1.8 Density 35 ILD

This high quality foam is made by Carpenter and is CERTI-PUR tested.  We are very pleased with the durability of this foam.  This foam has a medium firm feel.  No sinking sensation and no firm “boardy” feeling either. It is designed to firming up your mattress and make it feel like how it felt when you bought it brand new. This will eliminate the body impressions or sagging in your mattress and bring back the supportive feel it once had. This is a good happy medium feel. It is not too soft where you feel like you are bottoming out but firm enough to support you yet still cradle your pressure points.

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