Zippered Encased Box Spring Protector

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SLUMBERSHIELD® brings you the science of a sound sleep, offering exclusive cutting-edge technology in performance bedding + accessories. Sleeping should be restful & hassle-free; let us handle the rest, while you rest! Our intuitive line of mattress encasements, protectors & pillows are designed with a vast array of exclusive technologies that you won’t find anywhere else. With unique features never before seen in the bedding industry, & a wide variety of personalized options to choose from, we are your final destination for a perfectly sound sleep.

•  Guaranteed Bed Bug Protection
•  Certified & Laboratory Tested
•  Hypoallergenic Protection from Irritants, Dust Mites, Mold + Bacteria
•  Luxurious + Soft
•  6 Sided Protection
•  Machine Washable

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