Mattress Repair

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    This outer encasement allows you to revitalize your worn-out mattress. Replace the old tired layers of foam with brand new layers. This mattress shell keeps it all together while upgrading your mattress. It is designed with a zipper that goes around the top of the mattress. The zipper gives you access to your complete mattress. You will never need to buy a new mattress again! You are simply replacing the firmness, softness, or even the height of the foam to your exact preference.

    7 products
    Replacement Medium Regular Foam
    from $149.00
    Replacement Medium Latex Foam
    from $138.00
    Replacement Gel Memory Foam
    from $212.00
    Egg Crate Convoluted Foam
    from $169.00
    Fix a Dip Shell
    from $179.00
    Replacement Firm Regular Foam
    from $149.00
    Replacement Soft Regular Foam
    from $129.00
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