Head Up Only Adjustable Bed

Head Up Only Adjustable Bed
Head Up Only Adjustable Bed
Head Up Only Adjustable Bed
Head Up Only Adjustable Bed

Head Up Only Adjustable Bed

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Benefits of Sleeping Elevated

I: Helps with Acid Reflux
Acid reflux is an intense burning sensation in the chest when you lie down, especially after having a meal. Laying flat can cause stomach acid to spill out, damaging the esophagus. Slightly elevating your head can suppress these symptoms.

II: Improves Blood Circulation 
Laying in an elevated position enables more blood flow to your heart. The heart pumps harder so blood can reach areas further from the heart like the legs. This creates better blood flow through the veins and helps your circulatory system work more efficiently.

III: Helps with Snoring & Sleep Apnea 
Whether it is sleep apnea or just simple snoring, your involuntary noises can cause sleep disturbances which can cause you to feel tired even after a full nights rest. Just like using a wedge pillow, sleeping on an adjustable base opens up airways for better oxygen intake.

IV: Suppresses Post Nasal Drip 
Laying in a flat position can cause Post Nasal Drip. Some people might notice mucus that trickles down the back of their throat. This can cause disruptions in a sleep cycle causing some to cough to clear their throat. Elevating your upper body can help suppress mucus from building up and prevents this sensation from happening.

V: Reduces Mouth Breathing 
Mouth breathing can occur due to nasal congestion, bad habit or an obstructed airway. It reduces your lung's oxygen absorption capacity which can dry out your gum, build plaque, and increase your chance of gum disease and cavities. Sleeping at an incline position can help increase airflow and allow it to be easier to breathe through your nose.

VI: Soothes Head Stuffiness 
If you have ever experienced a simple cold or respiratory ailment you may have had disruptions in your sleep cycle. If your sinus passages can't drain properly, this can result in head pressure and congestion. Being Elevated can help mucus drain more easily, preventing a disruption in your sleep.

Customize your bed’s level of comfort with a simple touch of a button. A wired remote allows you to elevate the head, while the foot retainer bar keeps your bed firmly in place. Upholstered in black decorative fabric, the adjustable base fits within most bed frames.

SHIPPING: Ships Directly to your house via FedEx Ground


  • Foot retainer bar
  • Head up/down functions
  • 12” legs
  • Wired 2-button remote


  • 10 year limited warranty 
  • 700 Lbs weight capacity
  • No tools required 
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Fits into most bed frames
  • Folds in half for small parcel shipping 
  • 84 Pounds

      About 1-3 Week Turnaround Time


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